REP Theater for Young Audiences

By River's Edge Arts Alliance (other events)

3 Dates Through Apr 29, 2018

The River's Edge Players presents Theater for Young Audiences!

2 Adventures in one show... Thumbelina and The King's New Clothes

Thumbelina – Adapted by Vera Morris

Once there was a girl no taller than a thumb, so she was called Thumbelina.  Based on the classic tale by Hans Christian Andersen, this wonderfully imaginative production takes us into Thumbelina’s world, fraught with dangers for one so small.  A water rat named Walter and an unpleasant family of toads are both determined to capture her.  Plus, a grumpy old mole thinks she’ll make a fine companion in his gloomy house.  If only Thumbelina can find Prince, the boy who promised to take her to the Land of the Little People, where she’ll be safe.  Good things truly do come in small packages!  This show will be directed by Jennifer Finn

The King’s New Clothes -by Kevin Holmstrom Bradshaw

The King has a splendid new suit — the Queen and all their subjects agree. The problem? Not even he can see it. This large-cast adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic The Emperor’s New Clothes is a funny and fast-paced parable about pride, self-delusion, and self-love.  This show will be directed by Justine Goetz

Show dates:

April 28 at 1 pm and 5pm at Quinn Middle School in Hudson MA
April 29 at 1pm at Quinn Middle School in Hudson MA

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